When your world caves in without warning…

Say fuck-you right back by losing a stone in 10 days.

I haven’t written in my blog for some days but I am still very much keeping to my diet 100%. I hit my first stone on the Cambridge diet today. I have now lost 6.7kg.

I am extremely proud of myself for sticking to the diet 100% because my world as I know it is crumbling all around me. It has all gone disastrously wrong without any warning whatsoever. There have been countless crying, angry and hurt words, and sleepless nights. I am physically and emotionally drained.

The pre-Cambridge me would have been drowning in chocolates, takeaways, restaurants, very expensive and seriously yummy bread and baked goods from somewhere lovely like Daylesford and I would have used my breaking heart as an excuse to console myself with food, lots of it, the worse for me, the better. My retail therapy would most certainly have entailed buying very expensive chocolates, lying in bed and eating them all.

Not this time. Not any more.

Nothing and no one will derail this diet but myself and right now, I have zero intentions of self-sabotaging. I hope this resolve continues. It’s not really so much about willpower or mentally sorting out the screwed part of my head that uses food as comfort, it’s more about the fact that there is no hunger or craving on the Cambridge diet. OK, I miss my favourite meats especially roast lamb, (and lots of it!) and I have rationalised that if I really want to, I could treat myself to lamb at Easter without kicking myself out of ketosis. But even with the sleepless nights, there have been no cravings for carbs.

So life has hit me with a serious curveball and instead of the destructive and vicious cycle of weight gain, I bought myself some flowers…even though they sent the wrong bunch. I’m also excitedly awaiting delivery of a new non-stick pan for omelettes. I suspect I will be having omelettes again tonight, for the third night in a roll.

Rock and roll.


3 thoughts on “When your world caves in without warning…

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