Day 12: Week Two Weigh-in Day

I met with my lovely Cambridge consultant Mandy King – check out her Facebook page for lots of cool inspirations. When I told Mandy that I have been very stressed and under a lot of pressure this week, going to bed this morning after 3.30 am to awake at 6 and to my surprise instead of weight loss stalling like it normally does for me with build-up of stress hormones, I have magically lost weight. She replied that if I stick to the diet, it will work. It works for everyone and I cannot be the one person it won’t work for. Hell no, I won’t be. That last bit is mine, not Mandy’s…

Things are still crazily bad in my life but I am under control with my diet and I’m still sticking to it 100%. If I keep harping on about 100%, please forgive me, teachers’ pet syndrome.

Week two’s verdict: Current weight 117 kg, weekly loss of 1.9 kg (4.2 pounds); total loss; 7.4 kg (16.3 pounds)

So here’s to week three of this magical weight loss plan.

new body under construction

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