The Cult of Cambridge

I am scared. I am chicken scared. I am woman enough to admit that I am scared shit-less.

It’s week three of my Cambridge weight loss journey and every single diet I have ever been on stalls in weeks 2 and 3. I was beyond thrilled (and relieved) that I lost 4.4 pounds in week two after losing 12 pounds in week 1, after only first four days. My Cambridge consultant Mandy has of course warned me to expect to plateau “at some point”, and that when it happens, stick to the diet and it will keep moving. Plateauing has been the destroyer of many previous diets. That voice that says, fuck it. Eat what you want, you’re not losing any weight anyway. But I also have to give myself credit in the past for surviving many plateaus, including a most frustrating 4 months stall where I stayed on my diet without cheating.

I tell myself that the Cambridge is different from any diet that I have ever been on and it really is. I tell myself that the past is the past, this is the present. If I do experience a stall, this is a diet where I am supported by a brilliant consultant, a Cambridge medical team and over 30 years of extensive research. There will be ways to get the weight loss going again without frustrating me into quitting.

I tell myself to silence that Imp on my shoulder, the Imp of self-doubt, that negative ever questioning, know-it-all Imp. The Imp of failed diets.

Go away Imp.

It’s exactly two weeks since starting this diet and I am still a 100 %er. I have no intention of losing this self-imposed score. I have resolved to stay positive.

You cannot give anything in life a fair chance to succeed without full and unwavering commitment.

This morning, I have immersed myself into this new world of Cambridge dieters that has been revealed to me. The world of the thousands of men and women that have used the Cambridge diet to change their lives. I have looked at inspirational quotes, countless before and after photos of stunningly dramatic life-changing weight losses. I have drawn on the positivity and support of these men and women who know that this diet works because it has worked on them; real people just like me.

This diet has worked for countless others before me. This diet will work for me.

Some of the newly discovered Cambridge Facebook pages that I have found most inspirational include the ones below and if you stumble upon this blog and know other inspirational and positive Facebook pages or websites, I would appreciate it if you could please post a link for me.

CWP Before And After Pics

Positive Cambridge

Cambridge Weight Plan Dieters

So…I’ve got to keep believing that this diet will work for me as it has worked for countless others. I have to keep trusting in the Cambridge science. I have to keep trusting that if I keep to my part of the deal, and follow this diet 100% without fail, it will keep working for me.

I have glanced into the previously hidden, wonderful, medically sound, life-changing, game-changing, extensively researched, critically examined and extraordinary Cult of Cambridge.

I am drinking the kool-aid.


3 thoughts on “The Cult of Cambridge

  1. I love your blog! You’re a fantastic writer too. xx Believe me Cambridge works. If I can do it, anyone can! I haven’t lost masses, just four stones in four months and I’ve maintained for 10 months. Good luck x

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