Belle’s Spicy Chicken Burger – Cambridge Step 2

My husband (DH) had our favourite pork and leek sausages for dinner and I wanted something vaguely similar and so I made this. It was absolutely delicious. If you don’t like spicy food, use less chilli. The measurements are all for Step 2 and it was so plentiful, I couldn’t finish it!

You are of course welcome to share but please acknowledge sauce source by posting a link to my page.

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2015-03-01 18.53.36

2015-03-01 19.03.14

Preparation time: This was very quick to make but I chilled it for two hours to harden, so allow extra time. If you’re short of time, you can ditch the chilling but I find it helps, even if you chill for just 10 minutes.


245 g chicken breast fillet
25g of leek
Handful of fresh herbs (I used potted basil, mint and thyme but you can of course use dry herbs)
I clove garlic
Tiny fresh ginger (be careful with garlic and ginger as carb content. I weigh this as part of my 80g)
1 fresh Thai chiili (use less if you don’t like chilli but don’t forget chilli helps to increase metabolism)
Tiny bit of cayenne chilli (I didn’t really need this but it added colour)
Tiny bit of paprika
Pinch of lo salt
Tiny bit of allspice
Tiny bit of nutmeg (I only added this because the ingredients on DH’s sausages included nutmeg)
1 calorie fly light


*Raw chicken can cause food poisoning. Please wash hands and all equipment very carefully*

1. Cut chicken into tiny pieces (I did this as wasn’t sure whether my blender would mince chicken. It did.)
2. Chop leek, garlic, ginger and herbs into tiny pieces.
3. Combine chicken with chopped vegetables, all ingredients and blend until smooth.
4. Mould into burgers onto a plate – I thought of moulding into sausages but given low fat frying, decided burger shaped would be easier to cook.
5. Cover plate with cling film and leave to chill in the fridge for an hour and probably up to 24 hours.
6. Heat a few squirts of fry light on a good non-stick frying pan using low to medium heat. Use a bigger pan than I did!
7. Cook for about 8 minutes or until done, flipping each side every two minutes. Mine were cooked after 6 minutes but I allowed extra time given raw chicken ingredients.
8. Serve with 50 g of salad or vegetables

2 thoughts on “Belle’s Spicy Chicken Burger – Cambridge Step 2

  1. Thanks. It’s easy to make. Just dump everything in the blender. If you’re not on a diet, you can use different types of chicken for more flavour as breasts can be a bit bland which also means it takes in flavours. I’ll try it out with a Thai twang soon. Let me know how it goes! x


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