Day 19 – Week Three Weigh-In

The results are in.

The votes have been counted and verified…by numerous neurotic jumping on the scales to ensure true weight but sssh let’s keep quiet about that bit.

It’s not an earth shattering weight loss but the scales went down.

I have lost weight three weeks in a row. That’s some kind of record for me. I’m good with that.

Week three’s verdict: Today’s weight 116 kg, weekly loss of 1 kg (2.2 pounds); total loss; 8.4 kg (18.5 pounds)

Yes, I am thrilled with a 2.2 pounds loss and 18.5 pounds loss in 18 full days.

So here’s the challenge for my body for week four. I want one of those high Cambridge Weight Plan losses. You know, three pounds, four pounds, five pounds. That sort of thing. Let’s hit a big one. Please. Pretty please.

Let’s fucking do this.

No messing.

lets fucking do this

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