Day 25: T is for Targets

I secretly have two weight loss targets. One is double the other.

I have avoided talking about targets choosing instead to take this diet every half a stone at a time and I will continue to do so. However, today, I have updated the about me page to include some targets.

I have decided to embrace the targets.


It might sound like my targets are overly ambitious or optimistic but I have now joined countless Facebook pages where people post their Cambridge diet photos and weight loss success stories. The average weight losses, truly are the official Cambridge spill of a stone a month. I have also read about countless women (men universally lose more than women), that have managed to lose much more than this one stone a month average, including the friend that lost 10 stones in 8 months.

I started this diet secretly hoping to lose 5 stones in 6 months. 5 stones isn’t just some arbitrary figure that I have plugged from thin air. It will take me to about 91.5 kg which is a weight that I felt slim and fit in the past and a very comfortable weight for me. The plan is to go for our 9th IVF cycle when I get to that weight but IVF wouldn’t be an excuse to gain weight as I would continue on my usual healthy fertility enhancing low carb way of eating, and hopefully, keep losing weight. I would however stop taking the Cambridge products.


I have mentally prepared myself to stay on an 810 calorie diet, where all I eat and drink are three Cambridge weight plan products a day, 300 ml of semi-skimmed milk, plus one carefully calculated low calorie meal from my allowable list of vegetables, eggs, meat and fish, and over 4 litres of water – I’ve been drinking 4.2 litres daily for last week or so, for 6 months.

However, I have a second and staggeringly huge target. I am overwhelmed by this target but I’m good with it because on a daily basis, the targets are broken into half a stone at a time. If the diet continues to go well, we are prepared to postpone the IVF cycle and continue with the diet until I reach a mid-range of a healthy weight for my height. My secret ambition is to lose a staggering 10 stones in 12 months. This will get me to about 60 kg. The least I have weighed in the last 25 years is 85.6 kg. I cannot even imagine myself 80 kg, let alone 70 kg, talk less of 60 kg. I just can’t visualise what I might look like.

(10 stones is the weight of a two month old horse plus a 15 foot canoe!)



Yesterday, I was very down as I acknowledged the fact that I may be one of those with constantly “low” losses on the Cambridge diet, if this week, and last week are anything to go by. As of today, I have lost 0.9 kg (1.98 pounds), since last weeks’ weigh-in and I hope the weight won’t go up again tomorrow as it seems to have been wave-like all week.

This morning, I am still a bit down, still tired, still sluggish but I have some comforting thoughts…

I need to cut myself some slack and celebrate the achievements of the last few weeks.

Today is only Day 25 of this diet and I have already lost an impressive 19.34 pounds. I have already smashed the Cambridge average of a stone a month. Even though that target was reached on Day 10 and the weight loss has considerably slowed down since then, we haven’t even reached the one month stage, let alone Day 56, when a two stone weight loss will confirm that even with my PCOS and hugely resistant body, I am still within the universal Cambridge average of a stone a month.

Even more comforting is the calculation that even if I continue to lose “just” two pounds a week, and miss the stone a month average, I can still hit the 10 stones target by first week in April, 2016. What does 14 months of my life compare with the rest of my life staying healthy and slim?

A loss is a loss is loss.

I’m good with that.

I’ve got to stay positive.

According to so far, I have lost the equivalent of 76 bananas!

76 bananas? Bloody hell!

Well done me!


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