Days 30/31 – Utopia

Recent woes meant that I was stressed beyond belief and in desperate need of respite. I needed a little escape from my woes and on impulse, (an hour or two forethought), booked myself into a peaceful gorgeous London hotel, where I could soak away my troubles for just one night.


My last minute oasis, meant that I was ill-prepared and didn’t have the right Cambridge Weight plan products with me on the go. I could have taken a tetra (ready-made shake) if the hotel stay had been pre-planned; I had two of those at home. I only had a powdered shake with me which I needed to prepare hot or cold.

Given my very disturbed, unhappy state of mind as I looked at the breakfast menu, the pre-Cambridge me would have treated myself to breakfast in bed, most likely, the organic full English breakfast, with a pastry basket, full of carbs. Goodness knows after days of little sleep, I would have been gagging for some carbs.

Well…not this time.

Instead, I stuck to the diet 100%.

For breakfast, I boiled some water and poured into a spring water container, (don’t try this at home!), spooning the shake into narrow necked bottled with a little spoon. I counted to 200 as I had a little work-out shaking the bottle, and there you have it; a warm chocolate orange shake for breakfast. Not quite as nice as my blended shake, but nevertheless, a Cambridge diet breakfast.

I was still a 100 %er.

2015-03-18 10.48.34

My gorgeous room on the 44th floor at the Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard London, with amazing views of London was indeed as promised; mystical, harmonious, earthly paradise utopia, a little piece of happyland isolated from the outside world, m idyllic hideaway.


Whilst I couldn’t escape my head and my troubles enough to get some sleep, I loved my night alone. It reminded me of that old saying: when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life…


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