Day 34 – Reasons to Lose Weight

On 5th January, 2015, I wrote a list of reasons why I would like to lose weight. I carry this list around with me inside my DietMinder; my food and fitness journal. As an aside, I have used a DietMinder every single day for a decade or so, to record my daily food and drink intake, exercise and of course weight. This book has become very expensive over the years, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re after a food and exercise diary because there are many other books in the market. I keep buying them because I am a woman of habit.


I have decided to record these reasons here, perhaps taking stock of where I am so far with this list. Early days, yes, but some progress nevertheless.

So here goes with bracketed comments:

1. Nearly as fat as prior to previous weight loss. [Not anymore. As of today, I am 14.1 kg (31 pounds) smaller]
2. Feel huge, expanded, wide, my clothes can barely fit me. [My clothes are looser; I now wear smaller sized bras]
3. Too fat to walk, function, get in and out of bed, in and out of bath. [Getting better. Bath is fine now]
4. My beautiful house deserves a beautiful resident. [Give myself a break. I am beautiful fat or slim]
5. My insides must be awful to correspond with the outside. [Easy woman. Note no 4. How about that break?]
6. Spots on face and sore starting on side. [Sore gone. Only occasional stress spots. Tough year!]
7. New chair will feel silly and forced with fat resident. [I packed away this fancy chair. I will start using it again when I’ve lost 12.8 kg from today’s weight. Problem solved.]
8. Slim down, get fit. [Hear hear. Let’s keep doing it. Rome wasn’t built in a day.]
9. Forget sex, can barely move legs. [Erm…no comment.]
10. Tray in aircraft, so embarrassing. [That fat moment when your food tray hangs mid air because you are too fat. I’m confident this is gone! I’ve lost a whooping 9 inches from my waist.]
11. I’m acting like I’ve given up on babies. [I was but not anymore. However, no more priority for this quest.]
12. I felt hot slimmer. This is ridiculous. [Yep, bring on the H.O.T. me.]
13. Hand -> mouth -> fat [That’s right. Nothing passes this mouth without my say so.]


14. Dicing with diabetes. [I have PCOS, diabetes is the next step. Not happening to this chick. No way!]
15. Restricted life. Imagine all I can do on holiday if slim. [Well…so let’s keep going then.]
16. Stupid to be this fat. [Extremely stupid to be fat when I can do something about it. I’m doing it.]
17. Struggled to walk in plane. What’s the alternative, wee in pants as too fat and lacking in confidence to walk in plane? [That fat feeling when you walk in turbulence or worry about fitting into plane’s toilet.]
18. Babies, babies, babies, babies. [As the song goes, one day at a time…sweet Jesus.]
19. Get fit, feel better. [I hear you baby. Let’s keep doing what we’re doing.]
20. Strain on chair max exceeded as of today. [Not anymore. I’m good with that particular chair.]
21. Strain on brand new baths. They will crack. No contest. They really will. [They won’t, not anymore.]
22. Make myself proud again. [Done! I am proud of myself. Note to self: Keep making yourself proud.]
23. Start something, finish it FFS. [I start, I finish. No messing.]
24. Promise St Thomas doctor. [I told a doctor I would be 40 and slim or 40 and fat from pregnancy. I failed.]
25. In my 40s, downhill all the way, ill-health in old age. I have time to sort it out now or misery ahead. [That’s right. I’m not only increasing my life span by losing weight, I am increasing the quality of life.]
26. DH doesn’t deserve a fat wife. [I am doing this for me.]


7 thoughts on “Day 34 – Reasons to Lose Weight

    • Thank you so much Fiona!. Seriously, check out cheaper journals on amazon. But yes, I will definitely recommend a food diary and in Pre-Cambridge days, I would also record even binge days and holiday. X


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