Day 42: Surviving the Weekends

Weekends used to be the nail in the coffin of my diets. I would choose to somewhat relax or suspend diets weekends and resume Mondays to Fridays. That of course meant that I was still dieting 80:20 (80% good, 20% bad) which works for some people but just not for me. The reality of having the weekends off to eat the same as DH meant that given my severe sensitivity to carbs, I would usually spend most of the next week, trying to lose the weight gained over the weekend, before losing any more weigh. This of course meant yo yoing on weight loss and without much progress.

This is one of the reasons I love the Cambridge diet. I love the strictness of what I can and cannot eat. And if I stick to the diet 100%, like I have done every single day since I started, weekends can just be treated like any other day.

If I really want to go from this stimulation of my starting weight…


To this hotness, then no cheating. EVER.


I think that with a little bit of imagination and effort, my weekend meals don’t need to be pathetic in comparison with DH’s. OK, as much as I enjoy the taste of all the flavours, not much can be done to sex up my morning Cambridge porridge but I can make an effort with the evening meals.

Last night, DH had our favourite leek and chives sausages, with potatoes, chutney, and of course gorgeous red wine. I made myself…wait for it, some delicious leek, spring onions and chives sausages with chicken from my allowance and served with salad from my allowance. I also treated myself to a rare diet coke. Rock and Roll.

2015-03-28 19.52.55
2015-03-28 16.53.38

2015-03-28 19.21.31

2015-03-28 19.30.49

This morning, DH had our usual breakfast of coffee, smoked salmon and poached eggs. He added toast to his, I wouldn’t usually have toast. I had a Cambridge porridge and latte using my milk allowance.

2015-02-18 11.30.08

2015-03-22 10.48.43

He is slim. I am fat.

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