The Big “C”

I’ve had a day of talking shit.

Yep, lots of crap has been talked about today.

No, I don’t mean that kind of crap.

You know you’re in good company with fellow dieters on low calories, low carb diets, when you can talk about the big “C” all day and no one bats an eyelid.

So far, I have psyllium husk, Slimatee (thanks F and L) for prevention and Senokot and Movicol (thanks Ms K) for cure. Perhaps you could share your own preventive and cure remedies?

C is for…


3 thoughts on “The Big “C”

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    • @Livia, true, problem solved. I now take more preventative measures. In addition to two teaspoons of Cambridge fibre daily, I also take a heaped teaspoon of ground psyllium husk.

      If anyone else wanders to this page with this problem, this is how I take the ground psyllium husk. After some disastrous attempts to take this product, I now mix it with some milk, a sweetener, some cinnamon and stir until it turns into a soft cereal like consistency which happens very quickly. I make sure I drink lots of water before and after. It’s actually palatable.


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