Trick or Treat?

This has been a very stressful and uncertain year but things are calmer. DH and I are working on our marriage. In the pre-Cambridge me, “working on our marriage” would have meant eating out a lot at some of our favourite restaurants or discovering new ones. There would invariably be extravagant tasting menus consisting of numerous courses, washed down with red wine. I would have also been dining out a lot, being “cheered up” by one or two very generous and very kind souls who enjoy “treating” me to special restaurants.

I’m not pretending that such indulgence would have continued indefinitely. Pre-Cambridge, I was pretty good at getting back to my low carb way of eating, the very next day or even next meal.

As has been the recurring theme of this diary, not this time.

Treating will not consist of food.

I am rediscovering other things that could cheer my spirit up without a corresponding increase on the scale.

Bath treats

I LOVE the absolutely gorgeous Acqua di Parma Colonias bath and shower gel and body cream. I previously gave DH a hat box that included these and other products as a present a year or so ago but I have rediscovered this unisex product for myself. If like me, you like glossy bags, buy it from somewhere like their concession shop at John Lewis.

2015-04-01 10.39.33

2015-04-01 10.57.00


I like having fresh flowers around the house. Something about them can cheer up the bleakest of days. Current bloom…

2015-03-26 12.15.06

One for the road

Given yesterday’s post about the Big “C”, I can’t resist posting this product which DH and I bought for a laugh. I did say this blog was warts and all. I’m glad to report that it works…a treat! And it comes with a Liberty bag. Happy days.

I had a giggle or two at the coy and I dare say, very English description of this product. I’m a sharing kind of girl, so here goes:

Post-Poo Drops

Tangerine peel, ylang ylang, Mandarin Peels

In instances where vigorous activity has occurred in the bathroom, dilute several drops of this carefully crafted Aesop product in the toilet bowl after flushing, for the benefit of all subsequent visitors.”

There you have it. I’m sure you really wanted to know all that.

Loses all visitors to the blog…

2015-03-28 00.16.11

2015-03-31 23.18.30

2015-04-01 10.57.08

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