The Italiano/Milano Challenge

Things are happier in my life. Like the Coldplay song says, nobody said it was easy. As long as I’m not singing, why does it always rain on me, I’m good.

So one minute I was debating whether or not to have roast lamb for Easter (my favourite meat which is not allowed on Step 2 of the Cambridge diet), I now have an enormous challenge because DH has booked an impromptu five days holiday to Milan.

Woo hoo. I’m going to the land of fashion and food for Easter.

Panic panic. What’s a girl to do?

Let me rewind.

In my entire life, I have only ever stayed on a diet whilst on holiday once. Even on that occasion, there’s a photo of me swinging a champagne bottle. I’m that girl that comes back from a 10 days holiday, over a stone heavier. In fact, my very last holiday in December, was for only 8 nights and I came back a whooping 6.1 kg (over 13 pounds) heavier.

OK, the weight gain is dramatic but to be fair, the holiday weight gain would usually go after a week or two of being good. I would often tell myself to relax and eat whatever I want on holiday and sort it out when I get back home.

Not this time! I’m not bloody doing that this time.


Pre-Cambridge, we would have pre-booked fabulous restaurants for every night of our holiday including the Michelin starred restaurant in our hotel and another nearby. Not this time unless of course DH fancies eating by himself… So far, we’ve booked one restaurant, after I determined it had grilled fish in the midst of lots and lots and lots of other gorgeous food.

I do not want to come back after 5 days, with 5 kg weight gain. Hell no. But I also don’t want to be a diet bore and be so obsessed with wanting to maintain or lose weight that I ruin this short break for DH and I.

There must be a happy medium???

So here’s my plan. And please God, in the land of gorgeous food, gorgeous breads, gorgeous meats, gorgeous desserts, gorgeous people, I really hope, I stick to that plan. How proud of myself would I be if I came back from holiday having maintained my weight or even lost some weight?

And if it all goes disastrously wrong, I will dust myself up and get right back on the diet. But we don’t want that Plan B. Oh no, we don’t. There is no Plan B.

My plan is to stay on my current Step 2 of the Cambridge diet which means three Cambridge products daily and one meal. I will therefore travel with sachets of Cambridge porridge, shakes, soups, ready-made tetra shakes and bars, just enough of everything to give me plenty of options. I have already packed a hand-held blender and will take along a travel kettle and plastic plate.

For the one meal, I will stick as much as possible to plain salads, vegetables, chicken, fish and seafood. Can I ask Italians in the land of gorgeous olive oil (which is actually very good for us) for dressings on the sides and plain chicken? Do I even want boring plain chicken on holiday when I’m already forgoing breads, pasta, pizza, potatoes, cakes, chocolates, desserts, anything with flour, rice, pasta, desserts, desserts, desserts?

Life might be too short for plain chicken but I will definitely try my best to stick to plan as much as possible, as well as enjoy myself.


If I am able to update this diary whilst away, I will log everything I eat and drink to motivate me to stay on the diet.

I am accountable.

I am responsible for hand to mouth.

I will make the right choices.

I will keep to goal.

i am responsible

Pretty please share your holiday survival tips.

4 thoughts on “The Italiano/Milano Challenge

  1. You’ll be walking around on holiday a lot more than I imagine you do normally, so you will be using up more calories. One of the joys of Italy is the amazing food, so just let yourself enjoy what’s on offer. If you start stressing about food while on holiday, you’ll soon start to find it isn’t as much of a holiday! Don’t get too hung up on calorie counting for now, so long as you’re sensible you won’t derail your weight loss too much

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