Dear Diary…

Dear Diary,

I thought I’ll put down some thoughts to help me along in the next week.

1. This healthy regime is a life long commitment. It is not ok to take a break from it or “go on holiday” away from it. I must continue recording my food and water intake in my diet minder journal. This will help keep me in check. If you don’t want to report it on paper, don’t eat it. Duh!

2. To have any chance of losing 5 stones by 16th August, I must continue losing 1.5 -2 lbs weekly. This target will not happen if I go on holiday and eat stupidly.

3. A moment on the lips is a lifetime on my hips.

4. Remember that last holiday in December, I gained over 13 pounds in 8 nights. Not happening this time. I cannot afford to lose momentum.

5. My body is a temple of God. I must treat my body with the respect it deserves.

6. I must continue to treat my body like that of an athlete. Just like I don’t put rubbish on my outside, I should not fuel my body with rubbish. I must fuel my body with goodness and good quality food full of nutrients, mineral, nourishment and which helps fat burning, and keeps my blood sugar level and insulin stable. That yummy looking white chocolate dessert is full of empty calories, saturated fats, processed carb, it looks good but sure ain’t good for me.

7. I will not screw up all the hard work of nearly 7 weeks in 5 days.

8. No food or snack, no matter how yummy it looks, is worth the joy of fitting into my jeans.

9. No food or snack, no matter how yummy will be worth the joy I will feel once I finally fit into that little black Gucci dress or the other countless joys that come with losing weight.

10. I will stick to my products three times a day and relax a little for dinner.

11. For dinner, I will enjoy the local cuisine. I will avoid carbs and enjoy grilled fish, lean white meat, fresh vegetables.

12. To start the way I mean to go on, I will pack my bar for breakfast for the flight. By giving myself options, I will not make myself vulnerable to failure.

13. If my will power fails me and I fail rather miserably to keep all or any of the above, I will get back to it in the next meal. If the whole holiday is a blow out, I will not beat myself up endlessly. I will get back on the regime on return home. As always, this clause is not a get out of jail free card!

14. Most importantly, although I am committed to this way of life, it must not become an obsession that I will end up rebelling against. I will have FUN, and will not be hard on myself.

15. Come on Dear Diary, we can so fucking do this.

With love,

Belle x

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