Day 48; Milan Day 1 – Be Slim or Eat Cake?

I don’t care if this is a S.A.D. thing to be doing on holiday writing here keeps me motivated. I will not stop this diet until I reach goal. There is no holiday from the diet. There is no cheating. There is no flexibility to allow cheat days.

Taking these 5 days off will set my goal back a week to three weeks; 5 days off, plus one to two weeks to lose holiday weight. Worse case, it might derail me completely. If I take these days off, it will be easier to take time off when I have a two weeks holiday later in the year. That would set my goal further by three to five weeks.

That’s a potential set back of 7 weeks for less than 3 weeks of eating. That’s nearly two months added to goal date.

That’s totally not worth it.

Not worth it

Breakfast: Skinny latte, Cambridge Peanut bar

Lunch: Lost in translation! I ordered skinny latte and I got exactly what I ordered, that is hot latte, that is, hot milk! I Should have said cafe latte. Duh. Now I know! Chicken cesar salad, no dressing, no crotons, no cheese. Waiter says, so just chicken and green. Yep.


Dinner: Grilled red snapper, salad and little cappuccino.

After dinner: Cambridge tetra chocolate shake

Water: just over 3000ml. Not quite my 4200ml but still more than Cambridge 2400ml target

Self assessment – Adherence to Diet: Happy with my food day. A Step 3 day. Ate around 1100 calories, totally knackered as ย started the day at 3am, plus tons more walking/exercise than home. Eating salad on holiday whilst DH eats the biggest club sandwich in the world, watching him have a dessert whilst I sip water, priceless. Go me.

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