Day 49; Milan Day 2 – One Size Fits All?

Imagine going to all the fabulous shops in Milan and being able to buy any clothes I like without wondering for a minute whether they would have my size? Well that is the future.

And to get to that future, cheating is not an option. I want to be slim more than I want any food that will provide momentarily pleasure.

dont cheat

I will visit Milan again when I’m slim and successfully maintaining my weight loss.

Imagine all the clothes I could buy. These fabulous restaurants could wait until then…

DH and I attended Easter service mass at Duomo cathedral by the cardinal and a host of others. This church took 400 years to build, just wow.



Breakfast: Small latte and makeshift Cambridge porridge made with boiled water from travel kettle, watery as no microwave but still nice.

Lunch: Cambridge Peanut bar

After lunch: Plain green salad and small latte.

Dinner: Mixed fish grill and small salad.


After dinner: Small latte. Cambridge strawberry shake

Water: Just over 3000 ml

Self assessment – Percentage Adherence to Diet: Ate around 1100 calories. Lots of walking around. I’m happy.

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