Day 51; Milan Day 4 – Rock it Baby

This trip has probably been the unhappiest holiday I’ve ever had, so much so I wanted to catch a flight home on my own, a day earlier. Not all bad though, great town, fantastic art, brilliant architecture and fabulous shops.

More importantly, it has also been a life changing trip for me to know that I have the ability to stick to my diet whether home or abroad, regardless of whatever crisis is happening in my life, even without the familiarities of home to keep me steady.

It would have been very easy to say sod it, have a big glass of red wine, some bread and dessert but I haven’t. I cannot control many other things in my life or other people’s actions, nor whatever is happening inside of me in terms of whether I keep losing weight, but I can control my own hand to mouth actions.

I can control what I eat.

One more day to keep to my weight loss plan on holiday whilst surrounded by fabulous food everywhere and drowning in the avalanche that has hit my private life, and I can call myself a rockstar.

Screw that, I have survived four days on a strict diet on holiday.

I am a fucking rockstar.


Breakfast: Cambridge porridge and latte

Lunch: Cambridge peanut bar

Dinner: I went for rwo courses tonight but sensible courses. Starter of octopus and prawns, gorgeous main of skewered grilled prawns, swordfish and tuna and grilled vegetables.


For dessert I had latte and watched DH devour dessert of three types of tiramisu (classic, chocolate and coconut) I didn’t even taste any. I don’t recognise the me that resisted tiramisu in Italy. OMG.


Water: Over 3000 ml

Self assessment – Percentage Adherence to Diet: About 1100 calories. Lots of walking. Happy.

2 thoughts on “Day 51; Milan Day 4 – Rock it Baby

  1. You are indeed a rock star and you are in control of your life. Our happiness should come from us and not from those around us. You are a strong and intelligent woman and you will emerge from these difficult times a winner. I wish you the best.

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