Day 52; Milan Day 5 – Home Bound

Tomorrow, I will find out whether I have maintained pre-holiday weight, gained weight or my wildest desire, actually managed to lose weight on holiday. But you know what? Whatever the scale says tomorrow, I absolutely refuse to be disappointed because I have done myself proud. I have been on holiday, stayed focussed, eye on the long term goal and I have stayed on plan as much as possible.

(Below some stunning photos I took on the plane of Italian Alps and sunset)

2015-04-08 19.26.37

2015-04-08 20.41.58

In years to come, I will read this diary to remind myself that I can do anything absolutely anything I set my mind to do, with determination and hard work. I am no longer that person that will allow anything good or bad to make me gain weight.

This weight loss journey is changing not only my body, but it is changing all of me for the better. It is making me believe in myself once again.

It may seem like a small achievement to go away on holiday and not pig out on food, but for me, my head, my history, the hell that has been live in the last 6 weeks, this has been a huge achievement.

I am swelling up as I write this (it doesn’t take much these days!) but they are brave and positive tears.

proud of myself

Breakfast: Cambridge porridge

Afternoon: Cambridge tetra strawberry shake whilst DH had ice cream in the land of ice creams!


2015-04-08 14.03.12

Lunch : Chicken and salad. Went to same place before flight, expecting same quantity of chicken, woefully small and disappointing. Was still hungry afterwards

Dinner: Cambridge peanut bar

After dinner: Cambridge porridge. I needed some food on arrival from airport

Water: Over 3600ml

Self assessment – Percentage Adherence to Diet: Ate around 900. Happy.

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