Day 68, Week 10 (Unofficial) Weigh-in, it’s a Good One…

This has been a very tough week.

Yesterday, I got myself totally stressed out with a combination of lack of sleep and struggling with a multitude of to-do lists. It finally dawned on me that I was definitely going to end up in hospital. In fact, I considered checking myself into a clinic before it became too late.

Today, I have had a very serious talk…with myself.

I have told myself that there is absolutely no reason for any rush. There is no reason to change the passwords of anything. In fact, I changed back some passwords I had already amended.

There is no reason to figure out everything someone else has handled for 14 years in just five days.

All I need right now is food, water and shelter. Everything else, could be sorted out in due course.

I told myself that stress is a killer. It could mess up your head beyond redemption. The unbearable stress of the last two months, has already messed up my body so much so that my period which always comes like clockwork has refused to come since Monday.

I therefore owe it to myself, my wonderful family and even to my husband, to de-stress, look after my mental health and make sure I don’t end up in hospital.

Today has been very busy and productive. Tomorrow will be busy too but I promise myself that I will do just that. Forget about everything for now and simply be.


Now, let’s talk about this week’s weight loss!

My lovely Cambridge consultant Mandy is away today and I really wish she was here to share the joy of hitting this mini target. I have chosen to record my unofficial weight. I say unofficial but it really isn’t because I would have recorded the same weight had she been around as I used the same scale, wore the same clothes, weighed at the same time and stood in exactly the same place as I would normally stand when I weigh with her.

The great news is that I have today lost a fraction over two and a half stones!! I have also had the biggest weight loss since week 2! Woo hoo.

Week Ten’s verdict: Today’s weight 108.3kg, week’s weight loss 1.8 kg (3.96 pounds); total weight loss; 16.1 kg ( 35.4pounds)


The support that I have had from the readers of this blog both here and on private emails has been truly humbling. A big thank you to all of you for your support of my weight loss quest.

Next mini target, 3 stones. OMG.

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