Day 74: What the Window Cleaner Saw…

…Or didn’t see.

The understatement of the year is that I’ve been a little distracted lately. I nearly pressed publish by mistake (yet again) because a plumber’s arrival is imminent. No euphemism intended.

The window to the en suite bathroom is clear glass so that you can see trees and green of the garden whilst in the bath. I also have a big mirror on the opposite wall; the whole bringing the outside inside thing plus space creating design. There is of course a blind, but I never use that as it defeats the object of seeing the outside inside. For privacy in the bathroom, I depend on shower curtains…

2015-04-17 08.48.41

I had the bright idea to wash the rather nice new en suite shower curtains; one of those two material curtains – a waterproof curtain on the inside and a beautiful material on the outside. The washing went well and then came the drying…

I had a momentarily thought about leaving the waterproof material to drip dry into the bath. I dismissed that thought. I unconsciously pressed low heat but the current fog that is my head actually dismissed that sensible idea too, pressing a second time to dry both materials on normal heat.

The waterproof material melted. Another thing to put on my list of things that have been ruined recently by my confused state of mind.

Until I can find someone to fix the new waterproof curtains I bought to go on the inside of the cloth, (as I can’t physically do it myself), I am left with only the pretty and non-waterproof curtain. Yeah to splashing water all over the bathroom floor.

The window cleaner was later than usual. I was sitting on the edge of bath tub having opened the barely there curtains, distracted by alarms ringing on my phone, whatsapp buzzing, phone ringing. And then through the open bathroom door, I spotted the window cleaner cleaning the bedroom windows only to return later to the bathroom. He would have passed the bathroom first and would normally have done that first. Did he climb up his ladder, saw me naked and discreetly bailed to the next window? Did he see me there all naked? Was that a sheepish smile on his face when I went to pay him or his usual smile? Perhaps I was lucky and he just decided to clean the bedroom first?

I will never know.

And if he did, at least he saw the 37+ pounds lighter me. Still going strong with my diet. Still on it 100%.

window cleaner

2 thoughts on “Day 74: What the Window Cleaner Saw…

  1. This had me laughing out loud. Sure the window cleaner has seen a lot more than he can tell. Can imagine the view from above in different homes. But like you said, if he did see, it was a lighter you.

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