Day 79 – I’m Dreaming of…

In one of my posts, Day 65: Love Don’t Live Here Anymore I wrote about the end of my marriage meaning that I had not only lost my husband but my best friend in the world.

One of my lovely readers wrote to share her experiences of currently going through a marriage breakdown. She wrote:

“Shell shocked yes, but the fundamentals of my nature are intact. so are yours, take your time. (hugs), you did not lose your best friend, you found her.”

I was very touched by that email and thought she was right about finding myself. I have discovered things about myself in the last few weeks that have surprised me.

I am pretty awesome…:-)


Another lovely lady shared her experiences of recovering from her marriage. She said that I should close my eyes and imagine myself in a happy place in the arms of a wonderful man that loves me. One day, I will find that special someone and will see those dreams become a reality. She said it helped her and when she least expected it after the end of her marriage, she met a wonderful man. I liked her advice as I am a great believer in the power of positive thinking.

I close my eyes and I am dreaming happy thoughts…

Could it be thoughts of a gorgeous, kind, honest, thoughtful, loyal, faithful, decent, wonderful man that would one day come into my life and restore my trust in men, relationships and all that is great in life and love?

Am I dreaming of this fit, amazing man, loving me, carrying me into the sea as we giggle together and I run my fingers through his lovely lush hair?

I have no doubt that there is someone awesome out there for me and one day, when the time is right, the universe will align for us to find each other. Is he the one that I’m dreaming of?


The object of my dream…is me. I am dreaming of me.

Not in a narcissistic making love to myself kind of way. Easy tiger

I am dreaming of the me that I am meant to be – smiley, happy, sexually fulfilled, emotionally fulfilled, mentally and intellectually fulfilled, spiritually fulfilled and most importantly, healthy. slim and fit.

Now that’s something to smile at.

Day 79, 100% on my diet. Staying 100% until the end. Self love.

3 thoughts on “Day 79 – I’m Dreaming of…

  1. I love this post. This is so positive. Way to go. You are a beautiful strong and awesome lady. A true role model for everyone. I still cannot believe your strength in sticking to your diet against all odds. This is true self love. You deserve all the respect you can get and anyone who thinks otherwise is a LOSER. Haters are gonna hate.

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