Day 80 – I Will Survive. But Will I? Really?

I am incredibly sad today.

I am overwhelmed by life. I am a little OCD and I am scared by little changes, let alone the impossibly massive changes happening in my life. I try to limit the panic attacks.

This is my worst nightmare.

I am overwhelmed by all I have to do to survive this impossible period of my life. I am overwhelmed by the impossibly complicated systems, TV, computers, even window blinds, in every part of my home which my husband has left me to begin to untangle alone while he skips along happily forging ahead with his new life and his wonderful fresh start.

Where the fuck do I start?

I’m told that things will get better with time but right now, it all seems bleak and dark. The rainbow is hidden by thick dark clouds.

Will the sun ever shine again?


Searching for various things today, all I seem to find are countless romantic cards from someone who always wrote about loving me forever. Instead, every single day, I make new despicable, wicked and ill-advised discoveries that continue to provoke and treat me with utter contempt.

I am the cheated on wife. I am the wronged one. I am the one who discovered his affair, dating website profiles and countless chats with numerous women online. He was the one who for 10 weeks continued secretly seeing his mistress who is married with two kids whilst pretending to save our marriage.

He is the one that cheated. He is the one that left. He is the despicable monster that ended 14 years relationship by email drafted by him and his Vietnamese mistress. And yet, he has chosen to treat me like utter shite???

He was the one that agreed with his married mistress that after 14 years, our marriage was easily disposable because we haven’t got children; never mind the 8 IVF treatments I endured and his sperm issues that caused the childlessness. She asked him countless times to leave me. If he left me, she pledged to leave her husband.

Why doesn’t she leave her husband first? I asked. Because they have two children. Two utterly morally bankrupt and despicable monsters.

Tomorrow is my dearest aunt’s funeral. She was extremely close to my mum who is utterly devastated. It all happened so suddenly. I will always be extremely saddened by the fact that as my aunt laid in a coma for a week, desperately fighting for her life, my mother instead of focussing on her darling sister and reflecting on their lives together, spent the week burdened with my doomed marital woes.

Monday May 11th is my birthday. I am very big on birthdays. This will be the saddest birthday of my entire life.

But I’ve got to have hope. I’ve got to stay positive. I’ve got to stay strong. There will be other birthdays. For one thing, next birthday, I will be slim and fit.

9 thoughts on “Day 80 – I Will Survive. But Will I? Really?

  1. what on earth to say….

    if you want the rainbow you’ve gotta put up with the rain??? nah that’s a shit one….,

    hang on……rethink

    ‘if life gives you lemons, make lemonade’???? oh dear that’s even worse

    one more… I’ve got it….

    there’s plenty more fish in the sea?

    seriously…. you have permission to ‘web stab’ me!!!!!!

    I of course don’t mean any of these things but hope I may have bought a tiny chink of light and possible teeny weeny smile.

    Deep dark times have no words of comfort written. Keep being you, writing, sharing and letting us in and keep being you ❤️

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  2. Hi! Your blog is my secret pleasure. I thought I’d say hi! Your ex sounds like a monster and it sounds like he and his mistress deserve each other. I promise you all men are not like him. I don’t have personal experience of divorce but my mother and sister went through similar and they survived. One day, you’ll laugh about this with your true love and wonder what you ever saw in the ex. I love your posts. I think you’re amazing. Staying on your diet already shows your strength. Stay strong! Keep writing!

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  3. I’m very sorry for all you’re going through. The sun will shine again. Clichéd but time is a great healer. Give yourself time to heal and take it day by day. There is no timetable to getting over him or untangling all the mess he left behind. You sound amazing and it’s his loss. I hope one day he realises what he’s lost! Big hugs. x

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  4. You will survive. And this period will suck. I know how you are feeling and appreciate the honesty and emotion that you convey within your words. Thank you for expressing yourself so wonderfully. One foot in front of the other, that helped me quite a lot. Aloha to you

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  5. Wow. Such wonderful and kind comments.

    Mary, yes, brought a mile, albeit a teeny weeny sad smile but a smile nonetheless so thank you

    Andrew thanks for the kind words and your support for my blog. Oh and hi right back at you

    Lucy, I appreciate your comment, thanks and will give myself time to heal, however long it takes.

    Austin, thank you. One foot in front of the other will be my mantra for the week. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Aloha.


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