Day 187: Week 27 Weigh-in – Dimes or 50 Cents?

My apologies for not posting for the last two weeks.

Huge thanks to all of you who have written to find out if I’m OK and for those that keep visiting my blog for updates.

thank you

Life has been challenging to say the least.

All I want is to be divorced from my scumbag ex and to move on with my life.

Sadly, when you’re dealing with a crazy, stone-hearted psychopath, who has lost all decency, empathy and all ability to discern between right or wrong, someone who thinks it is perfectly OK to end a 14 year relationship and 11 year marriage by email from an overseas business trip, (but insisted on pretending to end a short affair face to face while married), who engaged their mistress’ sister’s law firm for your divorce, and like some seriously sick, evil fucker, heartlessly instructed said lawyer to email you for the first time on your 11th wedding anniversary, followed by rapid cancellations of credit cards, joint accounts and paying £0 maintenance while swanning around leading a life of luxury himself; disentangling myself from this psychopath and moving on with my life is increasingly looking like a very protracted legal battle.

Hatred and disgust do not even begin to describe how I feel about this serpent; this pathetic excuse of a man.

But I am ready to battle for as long as it takes to get justice and fairness.

I have absolutely nothing else to lose and will do whatever it takes to get fairness.

I do not live my life in fear.

I will not be bullied or intimidated by anyone especially someone who is fuelled by forces, so sick and dark, they are completely oblivious to their evil and sick minds.

Fuck all that. Time for some fabulous news! Dance with me? 🙂

I am still on Step 3 of the Cambridge Diet eating about 1000 calories.

The fantastic news is that I have now lost enough weight that I am beginning to feel like my beautiful self.

Others are also noticing the weight loss. I have had a couple of dinner parties in the last few weeks with people who remain clueless to my marital woes. However, my goodness, the compliments about how beautiful I looked kept coming and coming and coming and coming!

I am extremely grateful for generous and kind-hearted souls.

Today, I weighed 93.8 kg. I have now lost 30.6 kg (67 pounds!) and I am 1.4 kg, (3 pounds) from losing 5 stones. OMFG!

Week Twenty Seven’s Verdict: today’s weight 93.8 kg, week’s weight loss 1.7 kg (3.74 pounds); total weight loss; 30.6 kg (67.3 pounds)


2 thoughts on “Day 187: Week 27 Weigh-in – Dimes or 50 Cents?

  1. Keep shining. Keep breathing. The sky is your limit. Your creepy ex is a loser. A sad man middle age man with no idea of what he wants in his life. He will be used and dumped before he realises whats up. You are a winner and a star. Congratulations on your continuous weight loss. Never give up.

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