Day 233: In Agony and Incapacitated – Anyone for Lemonade?

I’ve had a bit of setback on the diet front but I’m right back on that horse.

Eight months is a long time to be on a diet that includes eating three manufactured products a day. I miss my “normal” low GI/low carb diet of tons of colourful salads and abundance of grilled fish and meat. I miss the freedom of being able to dine out outside of a low carb treat, and get back to my salads the next day.

I miss my old life but the heathy aspects, not the bits that would have involved lying in bed, feeling sorry for myself and scoffing my face full of chocolates.

I have had a scary few days of back pain so excruciatingly painful that the only relief I get is when I lie down. Even sitting down for 5 minutes is unbearable, let alone standing or walking.

If this pain doesn’t subside soon, I am well and truly fucked.

It is very scary living on my own and finding myself this incapacitated. It makes the world a scary place because I need to stand and walk and sit and function and even with pain killers, sitting down is a nightmare.

I started this post moaning about eating Cambridge diet products but they have sort of saved me the last few days because I have had the readymade products (bars and tetra shakes) by my bed and only needed to drag myself to the kitchen to prepare one meal a day; dosed up in painkillers that don’t work.

I have even had to cancel my therapy session because there is no way on earth I can sit down for just over an hour without dying of pain.

I really hope the pain gets better.

I can’t wait to see the end of this year.

It sucks lemon.

Anyone for lemonade?


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