Day 299: Week 43 Weigh-in – It’s Only Vegetables

Yesterday my very good friend came to visit.

“I have made a very nice vegetable soup for us.” She said presenting this awesome looking soup with an amazing smell.

“Thank you darling but I’m so sorry, I can’t have any.”

“It’s a vegetable soup. It’s only vegetables!” She exclaimed bewildered.

“Aww, thanks but I can’t. I’m trying to stay on my diet 100%.”

just say no

“What? It’s a vegetable soup. Surely you can have vegetables? What kind of diet means you can’t have a vegetable soup? What are you going to have for lunch, a bar?” 

It was 2.30 in the afternoon.

“Actually, I’m going to have my Cambridge porridge and it’s breakfast for me as I’ve been doing divorce crap since I woke up and haven’t had a chance to have breakfast.”

She gave me chocolate for Christmas.

I thanked her and asked her to put it away for me somewhere I could not reach, pointing out exactly how far into the the back of the top cupboard she could place this.”

“But why?”

“Because I’m a carboholic. When that thing in my head wants to eat carbs, there’s no stopping it. I don’t want to be able to reach it.”


This afternoon, my wonderful cleaner gave me some chocolates. I was very touched by her gesture and I gracefully accepted with no mention of the fact that I won’t be eating them or boring her by explaining that I am on a strict diet.

It’s difficult being on a diet that requires so much discipline but I have felt good the last couple of days being focussed and in my zone to stay on it 100%.

I don’t know what I will look like when I lose another stone, because that is a weight that I have not been since I was a teenager but I am excited about finding out.

The only way I can ever find out is to stay focused. No messing.

future me

I have a party this weekend. It will be temptation island but I am accountable to myself and all of you not to screw it up.

This week’s weight loss is pathetic but it is a loss and I am thrilled because I had not expected any loss given that I had eaten crap on 3 consecutive days since last weigh-in and was rewarded with a 1.8kg (3.96 pounds) weight gain.

I shall take it one day at a time and I hope that in the weeks ahead, (apart from perhaps Christmas; c’mon, I’m a realist but not planning a blow out!), I will only see that scale going downwards.

Week Forty Three’s Verdict: today’s weight 88.6 kg, week’s weight loss 0.2 kg (0.44 pounds); total weight loss; 35.8 kg; 78.8 pounds; 5 stones 9 pounds

2015-12-11 14.46.28

2 thoughts on “Day 299: Week 43 Weigh-in – It’s Only Vegetables

  1. Thanks so much Livia! I’m disciplined when I’m on the zone unlike now when I have well and truly fallen off the diet wagon but I won’t kick myself too much, it’s Christmas! Have a great one and thank you so much for your support and kindness xxx


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