Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to every single one of you who visit this blog regularly, or anyone who just happens to stumble upon me.

I also wish you all, the very best of happiness for 2016. May it bring to all of us, peace, love, good health and happiness.

Thank you very much for all the wonderful support and comfort you have all given me this year. I will forever be immensely grateful.

If you have a moment, please reach out to someone, family, neighbour, acquaintance, foe or even a complete stranger who might be a little lonely, grieving, elderly or just anyone who might appreciate some kindly words or friendly thoughts.

Perhaps something next year, I shall write about surviving Christmas after a devastating loss or unexpected marriage breakdown, especially if like me, you happen to be childless.

As for me, I have immersed myself in love, family, friendship, peace, happiness, music, contentment, gratitude, laughter…and I confess, lots and lots of yummy food.

Yep, the diet has been postponed until 28th December.

C’mon, I never claimed to be a saint!

Ho ho fucking ho.

2015-12-22 17.16.59

2015-12-23 13.59.02

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