Day 325 – Care to Lose a Stone in 10 Weeks?

I had CBT therapy today and my therapist was very surprised when I told her how much weight I’ve lost so far. I guess it is difficult for someone who sees you regularly to realise that you’ve grown smaller. Either that or I am just huge…and still huge!

I’m energised with my weight loss quest and highly motivated to keep going and get to goal without messing around…too much.

So this year, I have set myself two mini targets to aim for, as well as a revised final target to reach goal weight, all with realistic and achievable timeframes – if I stick to the plan.

No messing.

lets fucking do this

All weights are based on my upstairs weight, wearing my nightie and not the official Cambridge Diet weight downstairs wearing the now tattered clothes I’ve won for every single official weigh-in.

Given that I have never been anywhere near the weight that takes my BMI into a healthy range (63.8kg; 10 stones) there is a chance that I might hit a weight that is more realistic for my body long before then and feel comfortable enough to start maintenance. For example, Dukan Diet, a diet that I have done with some success in the past, has calculated my realistic ideal weight based on my weight history, to be around 74kg; 11 stone 9. I suspect my real ideal weight might be more the Dukan weight than BMI but that’s a decision I would be very happy and extremely lucky to get to.

I am not doing New Year resolutions this year – it’s just a recipe for setting oneself up for failure. Instead, I choose to just get on with things and to try my utmost best to ensure that whatever crap (or joy) is going on in my life does not affect my weight loss journey.

I’ve got to do this one thing for myself. Lose weight.

Mini-Target One – Lose a Stone in 10 Weeks

By any weight-loss programme, losing a stone in 10 weeks is a realistic goal and I will be kicking myself if I don’t make this weight loss target.

If I hit this mini goal, I will be just another stone from my BMI becoming “overweight”. I have not been anywhere near overweight since I was 18 years old.

Starting Weight: 89.6kg; 14 stone 1

Starting Date: Tuesday 5th January, 2016

Goal Weight: 83.2kg; 13 stone 1

Goal Date: Tuesday 15th March, 2016

Total Weight-loss: 6.4 kg; 1 stone

Weeks to Target: 10 weeks

Weekly Weight Loss to Hit Goal: 0.64kg; 1.4lbs

Mini-Target Two – Best Birthday Present Ever: Become Overweight!

Starting Weight: 89.9kg; 14 stone 2

Starting Date: Monday 4th January, 2016

Goal Weight: 76.6kg; 12 stone

Goal Date: Monday 23rd May, 2016 (two weeks after my 43rd birthday)

Total Weight-loss: 13.3kg; 2 stone 1

Weeks to Target: 20 weeks

Weekly Weight Loss to Hit Goal: 0.67kg; 1.5lbs

Goal Weight Target – Hit Healthy BMI and Be Slim by End of Summer!

Starting weight: 90.6kg; 14 stone 3

Starting Date: Sunday 3rd January, 2016

Goal Weight: 63.8kg; 10 stone

Goal Date: Friday 30th September

Total Weight-loss: 26.8kg; 4 stone 3 pounds

Weeks to Target: 38 weeks and 5 days

Weekly Weight Loss to Hit Goal: 0.69kg; 1.5lbs

Would you like to join me in losing 1 stone in 10 weeks?

If so, please drop a comment here or check out the contact page and send me a private email. We can keep each other motivated and more importantly, accountable regardless of what weight loss or healthy regime you are on.

You can visualise what you might look at your idea weight like I have done in this post using Model My Diet.

Good luck to all of us.

Let’s kick some (fat) arse.

4 thoughts on “Day 325 – Care to Lose a Stone in 10 Weeks?

  1. I love your blog and I’m in awe you’re able to lose weight through divorce. I gained 3 stones when my 1 year marriage ended two years ago which cannot compare with your long marriage.

    I just want you to know that life will be happy again, different but happy. One day when you’re ready, you’ll find a man who’s deserving of you. In the meantime, be kind to yourself. You’re doing an amazing job.

    I echo the sentiment you owe your ex nothing. If he’s ill but sane enough to be so wicked to you after so many years, let his family and friends get him help. Don’t let him drag you down with him. He will certainly regret ending his marriage one day when his infatuation clears as mine did. He left me for a young 20 something who got bored when the excitement of sneaking around ended. Karma is a bitch. He’s 45, same age as me. I now have an amazing fiancé and wonder what I ever saw in my ex.

    I’d like to join the 10 weeks challenge and will send you an email with my details. I’m getting married in July and I’d love to lose a stone or two before then.

    Thanks for inspiring me and no doubt many others when you have so much going on. I hope the court goes your way. I really can’t understand why someone who ended his marriage will be the aggressor instead of doing everything in his power to help you find your way without him.


    Becky x

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  2. Wow. Thank you so much for such a wonderful thoughtful post which I appreciate hugely. I’ve dropped you a line re: challenge and I’m sure we’ll hit it. I forgot to add in my email that I use an app called Monitor Your Weight which is great for tracking weight loss, percentages, graphs etc. Water Your Body is also fab for monitoring water intake. Chat soon. Thanks again for the support. xx


  3. Wow. I have a lot of admiration for you. I am amazed by how realistic you are. This is the key to losing weight and keeping it off. Your efforts will never be in vain. Rooting for you.

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