Day 343: Week Forty Nine’s Weigh-In – Must Do Better

I am disappointed in myself with today’s weigh-in.

It is not an excuse but I can’t begin to explain the immense stress I was on last couple of weeks before court. I must keep working on myself to make sure that immense stress doesn’t translate into reverting to destructive habits and putting on weight.

What’s done is done and I have to keep moving on. 

Giving up on this diet is definitely not an option I’m willing to take.

The occasions I’ve lost huge amounts of weight in the past, I seem to get to around 86 kg and then nothing happens and eventually the diet fails and the weight starts to creep back in.

I’m hoping to finally break this spell and get below the 86 kg mark. I am also hoping to never see 90 something kg on the scale ever again.

Note to self: Must do better.

Week Forty Nine’s Verdict: today’s weight 90.8 kg, week’s weight gain 1.3 kg (2.86 pounds); total weight loss; 33.6 kg; 73.9 pounds; 5 stones 4 pounds


10 thoughts on “Day 343: Week Forty Nine’s Weigh-In – Must Do Better

  1. Thank you very much.

    The App I posted with the weight is called Monitor Your Weight. It allows you to track your weight loss, body fat, total loss, predicts time to goal weight and has helpful graphs and graphics showing percentage to target weight and target date etc.

    The other App I use is called Water Your Body which tells you how much water you should be drinking daily based on your body weight and weather. It also has a non-intrusive helpful reminder to drink water, usually two hourly starting and ending whenever you want. It also tracks percentage water intake, weight loss and all sorts.

    You can find both on your app store or just Google and follow links to download.

    What weight loss regime are you on? Best of luck x


  2. To go through what you’re going through and still not be giving up on a diet is beyond admirable- be gentle and kind to you, you’re weathering a ginormous storm. Which I have no doubt you’ll come out feeling stronger than ever. Your weightloss is an inspiration to me. I feel like coming right over and giving you the biggest hug ever. Keep on writing. For you, and selfishly for me. xxxxxx

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    • Wow. Thank you so much M. Apparently yesterday was National Hug Day! I never say no to big hugs and I’m sure that could be arranged – send me a PM!!! 🙂 I very much appreciate your kind words and support and will keep writing. Are you on a diet? What kind? Best of luck in whatever you’re doing. xxx


  3. Your success so far is amazing. I went to see this dietician once who was fantastic. She said to me that I had to remember that sometimes our body needs the comfort of the familiar when we are going through a particular period of stress and it is OK to eat those foods that bring you comfort and not feel guilty about it as long as you acknowledge it was for that point in time and you accept the impact and that you don’t let it influence you going forward. I know its easier said then done but I find it helps a little. Basically accept you needed it and don’t let guilt or disappointment derail you. Good luck I know its still a difficult time for you.

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    • Thanks so much for writing and for sharing that from the dietician. It is comforting to know and I must be true because just as suddenly as I needed the comfort foods, by Tuesday, I didn’t feel the need and haven’t since then. Long may it last. I think I will start doing Step 2 Monday to Friday and Step 3 weekends just to have more variety. Take care and best of luck with week 2 x


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