Day 501 -Et tu Brute?

Day 9 of my 21 days challenge to stay on my diet 100% and so far, I have aced every day.

Special thanks to my little sister for her love and support, and for making me accountable to her. Having to report my daily progress to her, has helped me stay  committed because I do not want to let her or myself down.

In other news…

Get your popcorn ready. UK politics continues to play like some Shakespearean tragicomedy.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is being stabbed left, right, and centre by his friends screaming at him:

“Resign! Resign! Resign!”.

Drowning under the betrayals and before he could spit out:

“Et tu, Brute?”

The Prime Minister goes hood and says:

“For heaven sake man, go!”


In the other camp, Boris, the king of Brexit, who didn’t really believe in UK being OUT but thought he’d never win anyway, but would make a lot of noise and further his ambitions to be Prime Minister. So he campaigns passionately for Bretix. And when his side wins, he looks like utter shit and like me, on the morning of the Brexit vote, he goes:

“Oh, fuck.”

But never mind the fact that Boris the Buffoon has us in the shit. Onwards and upwards. He’s pumping his flabby muscles ready to be prime minister but wait…dum dum dum…


Boris gets stabbed by his wing man and campaign manager, Michael Gove the former education minister who just a few days ago, was selling us Prime Minister Boris and ruling himself firmly out claiming Boris was the man for us and being an education minister was the best job in politics, young people, blah, blah, blah.

But oh no, the tides have changed. Power is up for grabs. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Gove’s missus gets in the game and emails her husband and I have taken artistic license with her email:

It’s every man for himself. Get real Boris. These are not times for friends or political alliances, my husband. These are not times to stick to your very public statements. You can say what you want and backtrack completely. Lies? Lies are truths the other way.

email give

And so….Michael Gove, the previous Boris chief campaigner for prime minister decides at the very last minute to go for the power himself.

He doesn’t do it quietly though. He changes his tunes and stabs Boris firmly in the back by doing a 180 and saying:

“Boris cannot provide the leadership for the task ahead and is not fit to be prime minister.”

Boris makes a long speech which sounds like he’s announcing he was running for leadership and therefore prime minister.

But wait…. like the joker he is, at the very last line, he rules himself out from leadership.

I for one, didn’t see that sweet twist in this tale coming. I bet Cameron is chuckling in his tea and smacking his head.

cameron europe

For the next instalment in this saga, watch this space…