Day 59 – The Oscar Goes to…

I am still being an excellent teacher’s pet. I’m keeping to about 810 calories daily by eating my three Cambridge products daily, one measured calorie controlled cooked meal strictly keeping within my food and vegetable allowances, and drinking abundance of water daily.

I am still a 100% player or a Platinum Player as the inspirational rockstars of the Cambridge diet call themselves.

Sadly, so far, there has been no weight loss this week. In fact, and even worse, I have not lost the 0.7 kg weight gain I wrote about in my last post, following my long walk by the sea.

I could analyse the hell out of the reasons the weight loss has ground to a halt but I think that the main reason is that there is only so much stress the human body can take. My body has been so busy fighting for its survival, both physically and more importantly, mentally, that even though I am doing all I can as prescribed by the diet, weight loss must be the least of its priorities. The effects of stress and the stress hormones cortisol on weight gain, is well documented.


Add to all that stress, the sort of sleepless nights I have endured these last weeks, especially this week, and it’s game over.


I just pray that I don’t start to retain fat in the deadly abdominal region which is what tends to happen to me when I’m under enormous stress. In 2006, when I was under stresses that do not even begin to compare to recent weeks, I went from having a life-long flat tummy to gaining tummy fats that never went away.

For my part though, whatever is happening in my life, I will continue to keep to the diet 100%. I will also do my best to reduce the stresses as much as I can. Sadly, I am not made of stone but I will certainly try my best.

How I envy those women who lose weight when they are stressed.

This week has been hell. In fact, the last seven weeks and one day of my life, have been hell.

My life is like a horrendous puke-inducing rollercoaster, with a different drama every day of the likes of the worst badly written soap operas you could think of.

In fact, the drama that is my life is so bad, it makes these bad soaps look like winners of Best Picture at the Oscars.

I guess that makes me a fucking soap star but can we now change the scripts? Please?

my life is a soap opera


My Favourite Things…

One of my all time favourite movies is the Sound of Music. I discovered that a friend also loves this movie and so for her birthday, I borrowed some lines from the movie…

Brown paper packages
Tied up with string
These are a few
Of my favourite things

Seriously Fräulein Maria? Is this really one of your favourite things? Brown paper packages, tied up with string? Are you kidding me chick? Do you need to get out a bit more sweetie? OK, just joking. Each to his own. Whatever turns you on missy.

Could I really pull this off in 2015 by wrapping a birthday present in brown paper and tying it with string? This could seriously backfire on me…

2015-03-26 12.15.06

Thankfully, (phew!) my friend liked her package (and of course the present inside), especially when I accompanied giving her the gift with the sound effect of playing My Favourite Things from the Sound of Music on Sonos. Thanks Spotify.

Happy Monday.