Week Two, Day 558: Let Them Eat…Salad

It’s been a frustrating week on the weight front.

I have done my bit by staying on my diet 100% and my body has simply refused to play ball. I was 89.8 kg on Saturday, and since then, it’s been ups and downs, mostly ups and today, I am 90.6 kg. 

The weather in London has been very hot all week, and my consultant Mandy thinks it could be water retention which would of course make sense even though I’m very good with water, drinking around 3600ml or more of water daily.

It could also be hormonal. For the first time in years, my period is over 10 days later.

And no, there is zero per cent chance of me being pregnant.

On the Cambridge diet, I am allowed 80g in total of specific vegetables daily. This week, I have been craving big bowls of salad, the sort of salad I used to have when I was low carbing. A big bowl full of goodness. A bowl of mixed green salads (allowed on Cambridge diet as part of 80g daily allowance), black olives (not allowed), cucumber (allowed), salad onions (allowed), sweetcorn (not allowed), carrots (not allowed), assorted peppers (only green pepper allowed), chick peas (allowed as part of daily protein allowance)

A voice in my head is constantly asking what sort of stupid diet means that I cannot have a big bowl of salad if I fancy one?

C’mon, no one has ever gained weight by eating just salad.

I tell that voice that this is the smallest I’ve been in years.

chopped salad

OK, screw all that. 

If I still don’t lose any weight tomorrow, I’m having roast lamb, sweet potatoes and a big bowl of salad this weekend.

There are worst crimes against dieting.

It’s not like I’m planning to eat pizzas and cakes…

And who knows, a departure from the norm might shock my body and kickstart weight loss once again.

Week Two, Day 558’s Verdict: today’s weight 90.6 kg, week’s weight loss 0.1 kg gain (0.22 pounds); total weight loss;  33.2 kg; 73.04 pounds; 5 stones 3 pounds


Day 26 – Week Four Unofficial Weigh-in

My Cambridge consultant is away today, so I have to wait another week for an official weigh-in.

Unofficially, I have lost 1.1 kg (2.4 pounds) since last week’s weigh-in. Once again, not an earth-shattering loss or one of those big Cambridge losses but it’s a loss. I’m good with that.

I have now lost 9 kg or 19.8 pounds in 25 full days. Can I say 20 pounds? Please? Pretty please? No? OK, 20 pounds will wait another day; 19.8 pounds it is then.

My depressed mood has been somewhat lifted by a spot of herb garden tutorial. I planted some thyme, rosemary, mint, oregano, parsley and chives. Perhaps the herbs’ growth will be inversely proportional to the chipping away of my body fat. Now, that’s some comforting positive association.


In other news, if the sluggish feeling doesn’t sufficiently improve, I might return to my gym next week. Nothing crazy though, just some gentle cycling on the bike and a little weight bearing on the TopXT (cycling with your arms).

I could do with more endorphins.