Day 325 – Care to Lose a Stone in 10 Weeks?

I had CBT therapy today and my therapist was very surprised when I told her how much weight I’ve lost so far. I guess it is difficult for someone who sees you regularly to realise that you’ve grown smaller. Either that or I am just huge…and still huge!

I’m energised with my weight loss quest and highly motivated to keep going and get to goal without messing around…too much.

So this year, I have set myself two mini targets to aim for, as well as a revised final target to reach goal weight, all with realistic and achievable timeframes – if I stick to the plan.

No messing.

lets fucking do this

All weights are based on my upstairs weight, wearing my nightie and not the official Cambridge Diet weight downstairs wearing the now tattered clothes I’ve won for every single official weigh-in.

Given that I have never been anywhere near the weight that takes my BMI into a healthy range (63.8kg; 10 stones) there is a chance that I might hit a weight that is more realistic for my body long before then and feel comfortable enough to start maintenance. For example, Dukan Diet, a diet that I have done with some success in the past, has calculated my realistic ideal weight based on my weight history, to be around 74kg; 11 stone 9. I suspect my real ideal weight might be more the Dukan weight than BMI but that’s a decision I would be very happy and extremely lucky to get to.

I am not doing New Year resolutions this year – it’s just a recipe for setting oneself up for failure. Instead, I choose to just get on with things and to try my utmost best to ensure that whatever crap (or joy) is going on in my life does not affect my weight loss journey.

I’ve got to do this one thing for myself. Lose weight.

Mini-Target One – Lose a Stone in 10 Weeks

By any weight-loss programme, losing a stone in 10 weeks is a realistic goal and I will be kicking myself if I don’t make this weight loss target.

If I hit this mini goal, I will be just another stone from my BMI becoming “overweight”. I have not been anywhere near overweight since I was 18 years old.

Starting Weight: 89.6kg; 14 stone 1

Starting Date: Tuesday 5th January, 2016

Goal Weight: 83.2kg; 13 stone 1

Goal Date: Tuesday 15th March, 2016

Total Weight-loss: 6.4 kg; 1 stone

Weeks to Target: 10 weeks

Weekly Weight Loss to Hit Goal: 0.64kg; 1.4lbs

Mini-Target Two – Best Birthday Present Ever: Become Overweight!

Starting Weight: 89.9kg; 14 stone 2

Starting Date: Monday 4th January, 2016

Goal Weight: 76.6kg; 12 stone

Goal Date: Monday 23rd May, 2016 (two weeks after my 43rd birthday)

Total Weight-loss: 13.3kg; 2 stone 1

Weeks to Target: 20 weeks

Weekly Weight Loss to Hit Goal: 0.67kg; 1.5lbs

Goal Weight Target – Hit Healthy BMI and Be Slim by End of Summer!

Starting weight: 90.6kg; 14 stone 3

Starting Date: Sunday 3rd January, 2016

Goal Weight: 63.8kg; 10 stone

Goal Date: Friday 30th September

Total Weight-loss: 26.8kg; 4 stone 3 pounds

Weeks to Target: 38 weeks and 5 days

Weekly Weight Loss to Hit Goal: 0.69kg; 1.5lbs

Would you like to join me in losing 1 stone in 10 weeks?

If so, please drop a comment here or check out the contact page and send me a private email. We can keep each other motivated and more importantly, accountable regardless of what weight loss or healthy regime you are on.

You can visualise what you might look at your idea weight like I have done in this post using Model My Diet.

Good luck to all of us.

Let’s kick some (fat) arse.


The Italiano/Milano Challenge

Things are happier in my life. Like the Coldplay song says, nobody said it was easy. As long as I’m not singing, why does it always rain on me, I’m good.

So one minute I was debating whether or not to have roast lamb for Easter (my favourite meat which is not allowed on Step 2 of the Cambridge diet), I now have an enormous challenge because DH has booked an impromptu five days holiday to Milan.

Woo hoo. I’m going to the land of fashion and food for Easter.

Panic panic. What’s a girl to do?

Let me rewind.

In my entire life, I have only ever stayed on a diet whilst on holiday once. Even on that occasion, there’s a photo of me swinging a champagne bottle. I’m that girl that comes back from a 10 days holiday, over a stone heavier. In fact, my very last holiday in December, was for only 8 nights and I came back a whooping 6.1 kg (over 13 pounds) heavier.

OK, the weight gain is dramatic but to be fair, the holiday weight gain would usually go after a week or two of being good. I would often tell myself to relax and eat whatever I want on holiday and sort it out when I get back home.

Not this time! I’m not bloody doing that this time.


Pre-Cambridge, we would have pre-booked fabulous restaurants for every night of our holiday including the Michelin starred restaurant in our hotel and another nearby. Not this time unless of course DH fancies eating by himself… So far, we’ve booked one restaurant, after I determined it had grilled fish in the midst of lots and lots and lots of other gorgeous food.

I do not want to come back after 5 days, with 5 kg weight gain. Hell no. But I also don’t want to be a diet bore and be so obsessed with wanting to maintain or lose weight that I ruin this short break for DH and I.

There must be a happy medium???

So here’s my plan. And please God, in the land of gorgeous food, gorgeous breads, gorgeous meats, gorgeous desserts, gorgeous people, I really hope, I stick to that plan. How proud of myself would I be if I came back from holiday having maintained my weight or even lost some weight?

And if it all goes disastrously wrong, I will dust myself up and get right back on the diet. But we don’t want that Plan B. Oh no, we don’t. There is no Plan B.

My plan is to stay on my current Step 2 of the Cambridge diet which means three Cambridge products daily and one meal. I will therefore travel with sachets of Cambridge porridge, shakes, soups, ready-made tetra shakes and bars, just enough of everything to give me plenty of options. I have already packed a hand-held blender and will take along a travel kettle and plastic plate.

For the one meal, I will stick as much as possible to plain salads, vegetables, chicken, fish and seafood. Can I ask Italians in the land of gorgeous olive oil (which is actually very good for us) for dressings on the sides and plain chicken? Do I even want boring plain chicken on holiday when I’m already forgoing breads, pasta, pizza, potatoes, cakes, chocolates, desserts, anything with flour, rice, pasta, desserts, desserts, desserts?

Life might be too short for plain chicken but I will definitely try my best to stick to plan as much as possible, as well as enjoy myself.


If I am able to update this diary whilst away, I will log everything I eat and drink to motivate me to stay on the diet.

I am accountable.

I am responsible for hand to mouth.

I will make the right choices.

I will keep to goal.

i am responsible

Pretty please share your holiday survival tips.


Day 34 – Reasons to Lose Weight

On 5th January, 2015, I wrote a list of reasons why I would like to lose weight. I carry this list around with me inside my DietMinder; my food and fitness journal. As an aside, I have used a DietMinder every single day for a decade or so, to record my daily food and drink intake, exercise and of course weight. This book has become very expensive over the years, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re after a food and exercise diary because there are many other books in the market. I keep buying them because I am a woman of habit.


I have decided to record these reasons here, perhaps taking stock of where I am so far with this list. Early days, yes, but some progress nevertheless.

So here goes with bracketed comments:

1. Nearly as fat as prior to previous weight loss. [Not anymore. As of today, I am 14.1 kg (31 pounds) smaller]
2. Feel huge, expanded, wide, my clothes can barely fit me. [My clothes are looser; I now wear smaller sized bras]
3. Too fat to walk, function, get in and out of bed, in and out of bath. [Getting better. Bath is fine now]
4. My beautiful house deserves a beautiful resident. [Give myself a break. I am beautiful fat or slim]
5. My insides must be awful to correspond with the outside. [Easy woman. Note no 4. How about that break?]
6. Spots on face and sore starting on side. [Sore gone. Only occasional stress spots. Tough year!]
7. New chair will feel silly and forced with fat resident. [I packed away this fancy chair. I will start using it again when I’ve lost 12.8 kg from today’s weight. Problem solved.]
8. Slim down, get fit. [Hear hear. Let’s keep doing it. Rome wasn’t built in a day.]
9. Forget sex, can barely move legs. [Erm…no comment.]
10. Tray in aircraft, so embarrassing. [That fat moment when your food tray hangs mid air because you are too fat. I’m confident this is gone! I’ve lost a whooping 9 inches from my waist.]
11. I’m acting like I’ve given up on babies. [I was but not anymore. However, no more priority for this quest.]
12. I felt hot slimmer. This is ridiculous. [Yep, bring on the H.O.T. me.]
13. Hand -> mouth -> fat [That’s right. Nothing passes this mouth without my say so.]


14. Dicing with diabetes. [I have PCOS, diabetes is the next step. Not happening to this chick. No way!]
15. Restricted life. Imagine all I can do on holiday if slim. [Well…so let’s keep going then.]
16. Stupid to be this fat. [Extremely stupid to be fat when I can do something about it. I’m doing it.]
17. Struggled to walk in plane. What’s the alternative, wee in pants as too fat and lacking in confidence to walk in plane? [That fat feeling when you walk in turbulence or worry about fitting into plane’s toilet.]
18. Babies, babies, babies, babies. [As the song goes, one day at a time…sweet Jesus.]
19. Get fit, feel better. [I hear you baby. Let’s keep doing what we’re doing.]
20. Strain on chair max exceeded as of today. [Not anymore. I’m good with that particular chair.]
21. Strain on brand new baths. They will crack. No contest. They really will. [They won’t, not anymore.]
22. Make myself proud again. [Done! I am proud of myself. Note to self: Keep making yourself proud.]
23. Start something, finish it FFS. [I start, I finish. No messing.]
24. Promise St Thomas doctor. [I told a doctor I would be 40 and slim or 40 and fat from pregnancy. I failed.]
25. In my 40s, downhill all the way, ill-health in old age. I have time to sort it out now or misery ahead. [That’s right. I’m not only increasing my life span by losing weight, I am increasing the quality of life.]
26. DH doesn’t deserve a fat wife. [I am doing this for me.]



The Cult of Cambridge

I am scared. I am chicken scared. I am woman enough to admit that I am scared shit-less.

It’s week three of my Cambridge weight loss journey and every single diet I have ever been on stalls in weeks 2 and 3. I was beyond thrilled (and relieved) that I lost 4.4 pounds in week two after losing 12 pounds in week 1, after only first four days. My Cambridge consultant Mandy has of course warned me to expect to plateau “at some point”, and that when it happens, stick to the diet and it will keep moving. Plateauing has been the destroyer of many previous diets. That voice that says, fuck it. Eat what you want, you’re not losing any weight anyway. But I also have to give myself credit in the past for surviving many plateaus, including a most frustrating 4 months stall where I stayed on my diet without cheating.

I tell myself that the Cambridge is different from any diet that I have ever been on and it really is. I tell myself that the past is the past, this is the present. If I do experience a stall, this is a diet where I am supported by a brilliant consultant, a Cambridge medical team and over 30 years of extensive research. There will be ways to get the weight loss going again without frustrating me into quitting.

I tell myself to silence that Imp on my shoulder, the Imp of self-doubt, that negative ever questioning, know-it-all Imp. The Imp of failed diets.

Go away Imp.

It’s exactly two weeks since starting this diet and I am still a 100 %er. I have no intention of losing this self-imposed score. I have resolved to stay positive.

You cannot give anything in life a fair chance to succeed without full and unwavering commitment.

This morning, I have immersed myself into this new world of Cambridge dieters that has been revealed to me. The world of the thousands of men and women that have used the Cambridge diet to change their lives. I have looked at inspirational quotes, countless before and after photos of stunningly dramatic life-changing weight losses. I have drawn on the positivity and support of these men and women who know that this diet works because it has worked on them; real people just like me.

This diet has worked for countless others before me. This diet will work for me.

Some of the newly discovered Cambridge Facebook pages that I have found most inspirational include the ones below and if you stumble upon this blog and know other inspirational and positive Facebook pages or websites, I would appreciate it if you could please post a link for me.

CWP Before And After Pics

Positive Cambridge

Cambridge Weight Plan Dieters

So…I’ve got to keep believing that this diet will work for me as it has worked for countless others. I have to keep trusting in the Cambridge science. I have to keep trusting that if I keep to my part of the deal, and follow this diet 100% without fail, it will keep working for me.

I have glanced into the previously hidden, wonderful, medically sound, life-changing, game-changing, extensively researched, critically examined and extraordinary Cult of Cambridge.

I am drinking the kool-aid.