That time…

It’s that time of the month. You know. The painters are in. Auntie Flo’s in town. Bitchy Witchy week. Blow Job week (easy tiger.) Clean up in aisle One. Crimson Tide. Code Red. Playing Banjo in Sgt. Zygote’s Ragtime Band (say what?) Discharge from the Uterine Navy (WTF?!)

I could do this all day.

That time of the month is of course usually an excuse to pig out on carbs. It’s the hormones. I can’t help myself. It’s the water retention. I haven’t really eaten anything “that bad”. So many excuses and absolutely nothing to do with hand to mouth.

Well…not this time.

I don’t care what is happening inside my body, raging hormones pushing me to forget free will and gorge myself with junk food. Water retention causing me to gain weight. I have absolutely no control what my insides are doing. What I do have control of though, is sticking to my diet 100%. Drinking my 4200ml of still water daily. That’s all I can control.

Whatever the scale says when I officially weigh on Friday, I will be proud of myself because even the angry painters and dreadful auntie Flo will not cause me to step away from the diet even for a teeny weeny bit.

Hell no.